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Playing with Fire - Red Crash (USED)


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Photograph, Digital Lambda Archival Matt Print, Mounted to 3mm White DiBond, Aluminium Subframe

1240 x 1780mm


Cut-price work! Come along to our open studio to take a look at our discounted, used artworks featuring some wear and tear.

A collaboration with the photographer Alexis Chabala. 

The controversial pieces in the collection are the creations that evolve when fire comes into contact with children’s toys. Simon has been inspired by these destructive forces and the results of combining them with the strong vibrant colours and features of the toys. The work symbolises the myriad scars left on children when their parents go through a break-up. The bright blue eyes, glossy golden hair and the smile on the doll’s face still shine through, despite the side of her face being singed - a reflection of the innocence which children still have despite often being confronted with the harsh realities of family break-ups. Toys resemble the beauty and innocence that their young minds are intuitively drawn to despite the difficulties of the realities they may be facing.  

Image of Playing with Fire - Red Crash (USED)