Under The Hammer 17/17: Shatter

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All good things come to an end.

After 17 weeks of auctions, it is the end of UNDER THE HAMMER, the artistic concept conceived by Simon Williams and run by the Jakbox Studio. Each week Simon has created a new [Un]original piece of art inspired by famous artists. 8 artworks out of 16 have been sold so far and the 8 others have been destroyed.

To perfectly close the loop, Williams has decided that the last artwork would be a broken piece of the first artwork inspired by Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp was a French artist from the beginning of the twentieth century. He was the pioneer of Dada, a movement that questioned long-held assumptions about what art should be, and how it should be made. His readymades made him famous; selected objects he designated as art, notably “Fountain” a urinal he presented to an exhibition planned by the Society of Independent Artists in New York in April 1917 (from which Williams took his inspiration for Shower).