Exhibition: Mews 2 - Route

  • Tanya Fryer

    Tanya Fryer

  • Timothy Hodkinson

    Timothy Hodkinson

  • Amy Oliver

    Amy Oliver

  • Grace Jackson

    Grace Jackson

  • Laura Traver

    Laura Traver

  • Antonio De Santis

    Antonio De Santis

  • Consuelo Simpson

    Consuelo Simpson

  • Emily Swan

    Emily Swan

  • Hsin - Chin Hung

    Hsin - Chin Hung 

  • Jake Grewal

    Jake Grewal

  • James Boman

    James Boman

  • James Stephen Wright

    James Stephen Wright

  • Jon Mayers

    Jon Mayers

  • Julien Masson

    Julien Masson

  • Kai Nodland

    Kai Nodland

  • Louisa Love

    Louisa Love

  • Lucja Grodzicka

    Lucja Grodzicka

  • Rachelle Allen-Sherwood

    Rachelle Allen-Sherwood

  • Regina Locsin

    Regina Locsin

  • Regina Locsin

    Regina Locsin


EXHIBITION OPEN: 1 - 3RD OCTOBER, 11.00 - 17.00


MEWS #2 is the second in a series of group shows in an exciting art space in Camden, the JakBox Studio. Showcasing the work of both national and international artists, the exhibition brings diverse works together under the theme of Routes.

From bronze sculptures that comment on the regeneration of London, to paintings of a dystopian, toxic future, MEWS #2 will immerse you in varied explorations of routes - processes, histories, journeys and paths.

Exhibiting artists include: Amy Oliver, Antonio De Santis, Consuelo Simpson, Emily Swan, Grace Jackson, Hsin-Chin Hung, JakBox, Jake Grewal, James Boman, James Stephen Wright, Jon Mayers, Julien Masson, Kai Nodland, Laura Traver, Louisa Love, Lucja Grodzicka, Rachelle Allen-Sherwood, Regina Locsin, Stephen Harwood, Tanya Fryer, Timothy Hodkinson