Tyres have a specific design to enhance their performance. Grip, durability, and simplicity in appearance are key to the success of its original purpose. The diagonal slices that make them road-worthy and the beastly muscle that is formed by the rubber, are just two qualities JakBox has taken to break down and re-brief.

The collection of unwanted tyres has resulted in a recovery process for the discarded, and rebirth of the beauty embedded in their design. They have been remodeled in an ambiguously intriguing manner, in which one can read the media but is challenged now by the context. In strips, a new road is formed; the treads’ pattern manipulating forming a tapestry, a story of industry. The technique is far from the aesthetic simplicity presented before you. Using machinery new to our team, and methods suiting our ideas specifically, we have found a path towards an outcome worthy of branding. 

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