Investigating Camden Town through a creative lens

Peculiarities of the mundane become elements of the artist’s canvas.

In the Points of View project the city becomes the artist’s canvas. Recently we have been exploring urban details from an aesthetic perspective in the Camden Town area. Movement, Nature, Architecture and Texture were our set themes for collecting prospective Points of View. In the process we discovered that these topics break into poetic sub-themes:

movement observer of mundane from outside
  noticing the flow of travellers
nature points of urban meeting nature
architecture light experience
  geometric shapes
  unexpected findings
  consistency of details
texture patterns
  micro worlds
  feeling texture with your body


Standing in the middle of the narrow busy bridge makes one feel in the middle of movement.


Buses become a magical red wall making people appear and disappear.


City meets nature in allotments where locals mimic activities from rural environments.


In this Point of View spot the concrete panorama is imposing its enormity.


On closer look we find the interesting patterns of pipes.

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