Graffiti Theft

We’ve been very busy in the JakBox Studio the last few weeks, working on lots of different projects in preparation for our exhibition in mid-April. Something that has been bubbling for a few months now is an attempt to steal graffiti…

Graffiti theft. Not stealing brick walls, but somehow creating an impression of the graffiti.

After A LOT of experimentation using tons of different solutions, materials and toxic chemicals, we’ve finally had a breakthrough!

I’m going to keep the exact technique a secret, but through covering the fabric in a (quite toxic) liquid and rubbing with a cloth, we were able to pull some of the colour off of the wall.

What’s really interesting is that it came off in layers, and looks like a print on the fabric. Our next task is to find more locations to steal graffiti from! It has to be specifically on metal, so if anyone knows anywhere get in touch! [email protected]

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