Inside the JakBox Presents exhibition...

30 April 2016

If you haven't had a chance to visit the JakBox Presents exhibition yet, it's open until Friday 6th May! 

JakBox Presents Private View

25 April 2016

Last Thursday evening, we had the Private View of our JakBox Presents exhibition. It was a great night with drinks and canapés flowing, and many people interested in the artwork!

Hand in Glove

1 April 2016

Another project we’ve been working on recently in the JakBox Studio is Hands! These sculptures will be playful, incidental additions in our upcoming JakBox Presents exhibition.

What Do Artists Do All Day?

28 April 2015

So what do artists actually do all day, some think we just sit around thinking, dreaming & being ‘conceptual’. But oh, how wrong there are! Here at JakBox we are busy busy researching, making, creating & discussing (& doing our fair share of thinking).

ON SALE NOW! Number 29 of Unlimited Edition

26 April 2015

Did you know that 29 is the tenth prime number?