29 November 2017

Wednesday evening, we held a Private View of JakBox One.  The event was, once again, a great success, and we hope all participating enjoyed it as much as we did. 

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Coloured Sediments on New Paper

23 October 2017

We've been developing our coloured sediments this week by trying the process with new paper. We think it gives them better detail and even more complex shapes.

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Biggest foil yet!

10 October 2017

 Here's a sneak peak of our largest foil yet being made. We'll be out on the street tomorrow doing the rubbing, so look out for us on the streets of Camden!

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28 June 2017

Trying out some colour on our kitchen foil pieces this week at the Jakbox studio.

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Camden texture

21 June 2017

Another of our Camden texture abrasion rubbings that we've been doing over the last few weeks. 

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New textures

14 June 2017

We've been collecting some textures from the streets of Camden this week...

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Abrasion Rubbings Developed

7 June 2017

Here is a new test for our abrasion rubbings.

We've been pushing our foil and paint abrasion technique over the last few days, look out for us on the streets of Camden in the coming weeks! 

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3D abrasion rubbings

24 May 2017

Today, we add a third dimension to our foil abrasion rubbings today. 

Isn't it coooool?

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Sediments experimentation

17 May 2017

We've been experimenting with some new sediment techniques in the studio this week, not bad so far!

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Under the hammer is go!

17 April 2017

Under the Hammer project is lanuched. Head to to check it out!

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What a lot of work

20 March 2017

We've been having a few days of internal crits and looking back at all the work made in the last few years here in the JakBox studio and what a lot we're made! We've also been thinking about our future plans and have been bouncing some very exciting ideas around, so stay tuned for some announcements in the next few weeks! 

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Pavement Foils

25 January 2017

We've discored a new material this week, its a powder coated foil often used for photography, but we're been using it in a slightly less convential way... for taking moldings of the street! It pics up the details of texture beautifully and has a deep matt black colour that allows these sublte marks to become very noticeable.  

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Untitled Artists Fair

19 May 2016

JakBox have some very exciting news! In two weeks we will be taking part in our first Art Fair - the Untitled Artists Fair. 

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Exhibition Open Call!

19 May 2016

After the success of the JakBox Presents exhibition, we are going to be curating a series of group shows in the gallery. The first, MEWS #1: Urban Environment, will be in early July and applications are now open!

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10 May 2016

The JakBox Presents Exhibition has now finished! So, it's back to making work for the team. The first project we're developing is Sediment - going from small to large scale.

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JakBox Presents Private View

25 April 2016

Last Thursday evening, we had the Private View of our JakBox Presents exhibition. It was a great night with drinks and canapés flowing, and many people interested in the artwork!

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Hand in Glove

1 April 2016

Another project we’ve been working on recently in the JakBox Studio is Hands! These sculptures will be playful, incidental additions in our upcoming JakBox Presents exhibition.

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Graffiti #2

21 March 2016

Since my last post on the graffiti theft project, we’ve developed our technique and are now creating even bigger and better pieces!

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18 March 2016

Over the last few weeks the JakBox team have been collecting lots of worn, old shoes for a new project…

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Graffiti Theft

14 March 2016

We’ve been very busy in the JakBox Studio the last few weeks, working on lots of different projects in preparation for our exhibition in mid-April. Something that has been bubbling for a few months now is an attempt to steal graffiti…

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Marking Time

8 March 2016

Another project we’ve been working on in the studio is Marking Time! All of the objects in this series have been found on the street, discarded by society. 

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Graphite Patterns

29 February 2016

You might remember a post from last year about our experiments with mud, and creating patterns on paper that look like veins and landscapes.

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Changing Rooms

25 February 2016

Over the past few weeks, the JakBox team have been very busy in the studio transforming the space into a gallery!

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Peeling Pavements

2 December 2015

As of late, JakBox have made some extreme progression in the field of molding.

The large scaled silicones we have been setting on the streets of Camden have really begun taking shape, and what’s more, taking prints. 

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Pavement Series

2 November 2015

These silicone pavement moldings are representational of the ideas that guide us, and similarly the ones that we dismiss, and walk all over if you will. 

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2 November 2015

Tyres have a specific design to enhance their performance. Grip, durability, and simplicity in appearance are key to the success of its original purpose. The diagonal slices that make them road-worthy and the beastly muscle that is formed by the rubber, are just two qualities JakBox has taken to break down and re-brief.

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Points of View Launch Party

30 September 2015

On Thursday 24th September, we celebrated the launch of our Points of View Cobden Junction project at KOKO in Camden. 

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Points of View Cobden Junction

9 September 2015

Points of View Cobden Junction is the latest commission for JakBox, and we’re asking YOU to get involved!

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10 August 2015

There’s been a range of media being used in the studio as of late, mud, glue and water being one of the latest conglomerations...

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30 July 2015

So you may be wondering where we’re going with all these posts on our social media about the human body, particularly the hands...

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The Manhole Covers of Camden

8 July 2015

How often do you look down when you’re walking through the streets of London?

When I started examining pavements for the rubbings, I realised how little attention I had paid to what was beneath me…

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Pavement Rubbings

6 July 2015

We’ve been busy in the JakBox studio recently! The Points of View project is almost complete and there are many new concepts and explorations that we’ve been working on.

One of these is an attempt to extract the texture and feel of the pavements into an object. We started off with doing simple rubbings using paper and crayons, however quickly realised that we wanted the works to have more life, more tactility…

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Mud Bath

7 May 2015

As well as Points of View, something else we’ve been busy working on in the studio is making patterns with mud (yes, it is as fun as it sounds!) Inspired by the patterns of sediment that remain in the tub after having a muddy bath, we have tried to recreate this intriguing effect on paper.

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What Do Artists Do All Day?

28 April 2015

So what do artists actually do all day, some think we just sit around thinking, dreaming & being ‘conceptual’. But oh, how wrong there are! Here at JakBox we are busy busy researching, making, creating & discussing (& doing our fair share of thinking).

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Exploring the Urban Landscape

27 March 2015

A glimpse of movement, walking as a form of art & digital driving into reality

This week in the JakBox studio we’ve been working on the Points of View project, with many exciting things underway. As well as wandering around Camden in search of more ‘points’ that give an unexpected perspective on our environment, we’ve been doing some research into other artists that have used the urban landscape as inspiration for their work.

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